10 Lines on Hospital in English

Hospital is a very important place for everyone where we need to go for treatment. We all need to learn more about this place. Here we are sharing 10 lines on a hospital in English. I am sure these lines will be beneficial for you and will help you to learn more about the Hospital. These lines are for all class students. Don’t forget to share with your kids.  

10 Lines on Hospital in English

1. Hospital is a place where people go for medical treatment. There are lots of doctors and nurses are ready to serve patients and help them to get rid of sickness.  

2. It is one of the most important places in an area. If there is no hospital near, that means you are under risk. Having a hospital near is always good for everyone.  

3. There are different types and sizes of the hospital. Some of them are very big that has hundreds of different departments with enormous doctors. Some of them are very tiny with a couple of doctors and nurses.  

4. Some hospitals are dedicated to a specific disease. Suppose there are lots of institutes are working on cancer or diabetes. These hospitals are dedicated to one type of sickness.  

5. The facilities are different too. Government hospitals are free for common peoples. But the private one is highly expensive.  

6. A few weeks ago, I had a sudden visit to a hospital in my city. One of my friends was injured with a bike accident. I went to see him.  

7. I was pretty happy about the surrounding there. It has been so developed and improved. The government hospital area was mostly dirty. But now there is a massive change.  

8. I saw every department has enough doctors and nurses. They all are very busy with their patients.  

9. There are different types of patients I have seen in the hospital.  

10. Hospital is a very important place for every type of people in our society. We need to go there for every type of treatment.  

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