10 Lines on Indian Flag in English for Students and Kids

A national flag is the pride of a country. Every nation has own flag. Like other nations, India also has a very beautiful flag. Every student should learn about this. That’s why we have provided 10 lines on the Indian flag in English for all class students. 

10 Lines on Indian Flag for Class 3, 4, 5, 6

1. The Indian flag is a symbol of pride and diversity. 

2. It was adopted in July 22, 1947, after independence from the British. 

3. It has three colors and that’s why it is known as ‘Tiranga’ too. 

4. In the top, there is deep saffron, in the middle, there are while and green in the bottom of the flag. 

5. Each color has different meanings and importance. 

6. There is a circle in the middle of the flag, that is known as ‘Dharma Chakra’.

7. ‘Dharma Chakra’ has 24 wheels. 

8. We love and respect our national flag. 

9. We are ready to protect our flag with everything. 

10. We never should disrespect our national flag. 

10 Lines on Indian Flag for Class 7, 8, 9, 10

1. Indian flag is a tricolor flag and there is a spinning circle in the middle of the flag. That circle is known as Ashoka Chakra. 

2. The first color is saffron which indicates the power and strength of the country and also it represents the Hindu people of the country. 

3. The white in the middle is a sign of peace and truth. 

4. Finally, the green represents the Muslim community. This color also presents the prosperity and growth of the nation. 

5. The Ashoka Chakra in the middle has 24 spokes that indicated him Wheel of Law. 

6. Pingali Venkayya was the designer of the Indian Flag. He was a freedom fighter too. The national flag was adopted on ‎22 July 1947. 

7. The idea of having a national flag came from Mahatma Gandhi in 1921. He proposed to have a Swaraj Flag for the country. 

8. According to Indian law, disrespecting the Indian flag is a punishable offense. If anyone commits those types of offense, he will be in custody. 

9. The national flag of India is a symbol of free and independence of the country. It also represents the biggest democracy in the world. 

10. Our flag is our pride and expresses the patriotism. We all love and respect the flag. When we see it, we feel love and respect. 

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