10 Lines on Mother’s Day in English

Mother is the most important person in our lives. We need to respect them every time. But there is a specific date that has been celebrated as mother’s day. In the United States, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, every year. This is a national holiday there. So in this post, we will learn 10 lines on mother’s day in English. These lines are for students of all classes.

10 Lines on Mother’s Day for Class 2, 3, 4

These few lines on mother’s day are in English for classes 2, 3 and 4 students. You need to share these lines with your kids.  

1. Mother’s day is the second Sunday of May in the United States.  

2. It is celebrated all across the world. And most of the country declared this day as a national holiday.  

3. This day is a wonderful opportunity for us to express our love for our moms.  

4. They cared and loved us their entire life. They worked so hard for us.  

5. We can celebrate their contribution on this day. They will feel so great inside.  

6. You won’t find anyone that much selfless in your life.  

7. We should love and take care of them a lot.   8. It is not possible to repay their love and care for us.  

9. We need to celebrate this day and spread love everywhere.  

10. Mother’s day is a very important day for all the sons, daughters and mothers in the world.  

10 Lines on Mother’s Day for Class 5, 6, 7

10 sentences on mother’s day in English are here for classes 5, 6, and 7 students. If you want to learn them then it will be so easy for you.  

1. Mothers are the most important part of our life. We have none closer than her in life.  

2. She is the one who teaches how to walk, how to speak and how to eat. She is the first teacher of our life.  

3. Mothers are so much hard-working. They work so hard to make her kids’ life better and bright.  

4. Their dedication level is so high. They could sacrifice their happiness in life to do something better for our life.  

5. They teach us good manners and well behaved. We learn how to act with everyone in society.  

6. They are the backbone of a family. They manage the kids and all the household works.  

7. They get up early in the morning and start working for the family.  

8. They cook food for us. Most of the family doesn’t have any household workers that are why the females do most of these works in our country.  

9. Mother’s day is a day to celebrate for them. On this day we have a good chance to let them know what we feel for them. We need to express lots of love for them.  

10. Mothers should not be loved only on a specific date but all every day. This date is just a special day when we can celebrate actually.    

10 Lines on Mother’s Day for Class 8, 9, 10

1. Mother’s day is a day all about mothers, motherhood, and maternity. This day is observed all across the world on various dates. It is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in the US.  

2. Anna Jarvis is the establisher of this celebration. The first ever official celebration of Mother’s Day was in St. Andrew’s Methodist Church, West Virginia.  

3. Mothers are the biggest part of our life. They give us birth and that’s why we can enjoy and see the beauty of this earth. We can’t repay that debt.  

4. They sacrifice the entire life for our better future. When a kid comes to a woman’s life, her entire life goal change and it’s because of the kid. A mother can leave everything in the world except her baby.  

5. To celebrate her that dedication and love for us, there is a specific day and it is the second Sunday of May every year. But we need to express our love for the mother every day. This day is exceptional and it is a good time to talk about this topic.  

6. Mother isn’t comparable with anyone in the world. She has her own level of love. Anybody won’t love you as much as your mother does.  

7. She is ready to sacrifice everything for her kids’ welfare and a bright future. They try their best to teach us good manners and real-life lessons.  

8. It is our duty to pay the right honor for them. They deserved to be loved by us. They are very special in our life and they should be.  

9. This day could be a very good date to express our special feelings for moms.  

10. Everyone is very happy on this day. Everybody should spend that day with his mom. If you are living away at least you need to send her a message.  

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