10 Lines on Dangal (Movie) in English

10 Lines on Dangal (Movie) in English
10 Lines on Dangal (Movie) in English

10 Lines on Dangal (Movie) in English: Set 1

1. Dangal is a Bollywood movie based on wrestling.

2. This movie was released in 2016.

3. Aamir Khan has won heart and lots of praises with his character Mahavir Singh Phogat in this movie.

4. This movie was based on a true event.

5. This is a story of two sisters Geeta and Bobita.

6. Their father wanted them to become a world-famous wrestler.

7. They faced lots of criticism and people neglected them when they started.

8. But they proved everyone wrong.

9. The movie was really inspiring and motivated.

10. I loved the Dangal Movie a lot.

10 Lines on Dangal (Movie) in English: Set 2

1. Dangal is an Aamir Khan movie, based on wrestling. In Hindi, Dangal means wrestle.

2. The movie was released in 2016 and it is one of the most successful movies in the history of Bollywood.

3. This movie has earned over 2000 crore Indian Rupees worldwide and became the most earned Bollywood movie ever.

4. It is a movie based on a true event.

5. A story of a struggling father, who wanted to turn his daughter as a wrestler. And the entire society was against him.

6. But he was able to prove them wrong. His daughters became world-famous and won medal for the country.

7. Actress Zaira Wasim debut in Bollywood with this movie.

8. She had done amazing and got lots of praise from the critics.

9. I love to watch this movie again and again.

10. I suggest everyone watch this movie.

10 Lines on Dangal (Movie) in English: Set 3

1. Dangal is a movie based on a real story of two female wrestlers and their struggling father Mahavir Phogat.

2. This movie is based on a true event that happened on Haryana, India.

3. Geeta and Babita’s two sisters were born on a family, where their father was very passionate about wrestling. He always wanted to win an international medal for India. But he didn’t get enough opportunity to achieve it.

4. Then he wanted his son to win a medal in wrestling but unfortunately, he had four daughters and no son.

5. One day he realized that he need medals, it doesn’t matter who is bringing them. Then he decided to turn his daughters as a wrestler.

6. But the entire village was against him and people were mocking the girls when they were practicing in the village.

7. But Geeta shut people up after winning a match with a boy in his nearest village. And people started to appreciate both Geeta and Babita.

8. Gradually they became popular across the entire state. And then Geeta went for the national competition and won that.

9. Finally, she won a gold medal for the country and made her father’s dream come true.

10. This movie has a mixed genre with emotion, motivation, inspiration, and struggle. Everyone should watch this movie to get lots of inspiration in life.

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