10 Lines on Lily Flower/Water Lily in English for School Students

Here we have got 10 lines on lily flower in English for students of all classes. I am sure that these lines will be helpful in your study. 

10 Lines on Lily Flower in English for Class 3, 4, 5, 6

1. Lily is a white flower that looks very beautiful. 

2. This flower is usually used as a symbol of peace. 

3. The fragrance of this flower is really beautiful. 

4. You can find lily flowers worldwide. 

5. There are different types of lilies, like trumpet lilies and tiger lilies. 

6. It is possible to grow them indoors or outdoor in both places. 

7. It looks very bright and beautiful. 

8. Normally this flower blooms in the summer season only. 

9. In some regions, people eat this flower. It tastes pretty delicious. 

10. Sometimes it is also used in medicine. 

10 Lines on Water Lily in English for Class 7, 8, 9, 10

1. The history of lily flower is pretty rich. To learn more about this flower, you have to go a couple of hundred years back. 

2. This flower has some religious significance and it has been discussed about this flower in almost every religion. 

3. There are different colored lilies available. Among them, the white lily is widely known and seen in the world. 

4. Orange lilies are also widely known. They are very beautiful and that’s why they are also known as ‘Tiger Lily’. 

5. This beautiful flower is a sign of purity and beauty. 

6. Lots of people use lily as a flower gift. 

7. When someone looks at a white lily, it feels peace and unity. 

8. Only white lily and tiger lilies have a beautiful smell. Other types of lilies are odorless. 

9. Pollen of water lily is very dangerous for cats. It could be poisonous for cats only.

10. The water lily is a very beautiful flower. 

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