10 Lines on Road Safety Rules in English

10 Lines on Road Safety Rules in English

Road safety is a major issue in our country. We experience lots of street accidents due to lacking road safety. Today we will learn 10 lines on road safety rules in English for kids and students. Students from class 1 to 10 can use these lines.  

1. A road accident is a very common affair in the country. People don’t know anything about road safety and it is a very big cause behind these accidents.  

2. Everyone needs to learn about these rules. The rules are not too complex to learn. Anybody can learn them. We need to teach these rules to our kids also.  

3. The very basic rule when someone needs to cross a busy road is to look and wait for the traffic pass and then cross the road. Never be rush on the highway.  

4. Don’t run off the road to cross the road quickly even there is a bus or traffic a bit away. You can’t measure the speed of that vehicle. That could reach you with a speed that is out of your calculation.  

5. Be calm and keep yourself attentive in the busy roads. It is highly important for the highways in our country.  

6. Teach your kids to pay attention to the traffic and only cross the road when there is no vehicle in our eyesight. It could be hard and time-consuming, but you still need to wait to be safe.  

7. If there is any over bridge or zebra crossing, then use it. Walking in an overbridge or in zebra crossing is so safe for everyone.  

8. If you are riding a bicycle and you need to cross the road, then you need to pay double attention to the vehicles. It could be hard to control your bicycle in the middle of the road if there is another car coming from the opposite side.  

9. These rules are very easy to follow and anyone can learn these.  

10. Teach all these rules to your kids. These rules could be lifesaving for them. And we all also need to follow these simple road safety rules.  

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