10 Lines on Grandparents in English

10 Lines on Grandparents for Class 3, 4, 5, 6

Here are 10 sentences on grandparents for classes 3, 4, 5, and 6 students. If you are one of them you can learn these lines for your study. Don’t forget to share these beautiful points with your kids.

1. Grandparents are the most important and wise members of any family. They are the guides and decision-makers.  

2. My grandparents are alive and they live with us. I am so much blessed because of that.  

3. My grandfather was in the army and he is still a very strong person. His lifestyle inspires my father and me to keep ourselves fit.  

4. I wake up early morning with my grandpa and go for a morning walk. We do some physical exercise outside.  

5. He still works a lot. He helps me in my garden, go for the market, plays football sometimes. He is my favorite teacher because whenever I face any problem with my study he helps me a lot.  

6. I love his army attitude. Everyone in the area cares about him and respects him a lot.  

7. My grandmother is also so strong. She spends her time inside the house. She helps my mother in the kitchen very often.  

8. When we were kids, she used to tell us lots of beautiful stories. I still love her stories a lot.  

9. They both love and care for me immensely from my childhood. They are very caring about me and my other siblings.  

10. I love them very much too and I wish to have them in my life forever.    

10 Lines on Grandparents for Class 7, 8, 9, 10

10 points on grandparents for classes 7, 8, 9, and 10 students are here for you.

1. Grandparents are considered as the most important and eldest people in the family. They give their idea, suggestion, and tips for everything.  

2. They usually are living their life’s final stage and they are a very happy soul. They love to spend their time with their grandkids.  

3. As the time is going, people are not realizing the importance of them. Lots of people mistreat these elderly.  But there are still lots of families love their grandparents a lot.  

4. If you ask any child about who cares the most? You might get to answer grandparents. Children love their grandparents a lot and so do they.  

5. Our parents are in that situation just because of their hard work and dedication. Our parents love us a lot because they loved our parents like this.  

6. I have both grandparents alive and I am so lucky to have them still in my life. There are not many boys and girls whose grandparents are still alive.  

7. My grandfather is a retired government officer. He has spent his entire life working with honesty and truthfulness. He is highly respected in society and everyone cares about him.  

8. He taught my father to become the best person and today my father has become a self-established businessman with encouraging and teaching of my grandpa.  

9. My grandmother was a school teacher. She loves to share stories with us. From our childhood, we love to spend time with her and listening to these beautiful stories.  

10. I and my family are blessed because of their presence in our life. I wish to have them forever in my life. I love them very much.  

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