Short and Long Paragraph on Early Rising

Short and Long Paragraph on Early Rising

Early rising in the morning is one of the best habits for humans. I think we all should get up early. Here are a few short and long ‘early rising’ paragraphs; I hope you guys will love that.

Early Rising: Short Paragraph (100 Words)

Early rising means getting up early from the bed in the morning. It is a very good habit for every human being. Early rising makes people fresh and it feels really good. When someone wakes up early regularly, he gets good health. There is a proverb about early rising, it says when someone wakes up early he gets good health, becomes wealthy and wise. So you can realize how important it is to get up early. If you take a small morning walk after waking up in the early morning, you will have good fitness.    

Paragraph on Early Rising (150 Words)

If you want good health, you need to get up early in the morning. Doctors always suggest peoples for early rising. When someone rises early and goes for a morning walk or physical exercise they start to build their body properly. You might have seen the army people still can work hard in their late ages, because of their previous rules and regulation.

If you take a look at the successful peoples, they all used to wake up early in the morning. When you get up early, you can start your daily for a little earlier and also can finish it earlier. That’s a huge bonus and benefit for all. Then you can spend the rest of the time with your family or friends. We know time never stops for anyone, so if we want to use the time properly we need to learn early rising and start using our time properly.    

Early Rising: Paragraph (200 Words)

Early rising is a really good habit that helps people to wake up early in the morning. It has much usefulness and it’s an amazing habit for everyone. When someone gets up early, he gets time to exercise or a morning walk, which can make your energy level good and keep you motivated and productive for the rest of the day.

Otherwise, you will feel lazy the whole day. A special thing about early rising is fresh morning air. You won’t get that special air anytime until early in the morning. I love walking into that environment watching green trees and colorful flowers.


If you live beside any river or sea, you might enjoy the sunrise in the morning. It’s an amazing natural beautiful scene to enjoy. When someone doesn’t get up early in the morning, he might face lots of problems the whole day. His day will start with a hurry and rush. That will make him exhausted after a few hours.

Then he will start feeling lazy and that could ruin the whole day. These types of unproductive things could happen when someone doesn’t wake up early. We all want to skip these unwanted situations and keep our minds and body healthy. So we all should get up early in the morning.  

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