My Childhood Memories Paragraph

Paragraph on My Childhood Memories

My Childhood Memories: Short Paragraph (100 Words)

Childhood is such a golden time that we can’t forget anytime. Every people remember and miss their childhood. In my childhood, I have so many memories that I used to remember and talk with everyone. Here I will share some memories from my childhood. Once we visited one of my uncle’s houses that were about five hours journey away from our city.

I can remember the whole journey by train. When we arrived there, the uncle came to the station for receiving us. That was a hill station, I can remember. Then we took a jip that took us to my uncle’s home, the road was really interesting. I still remember and miss that day.    

My Childhood Memories: Paragraph (150 Words)

My childhood memories are like golden time to me. I know, everyone’s childhood is so precious to them. Here I will share a few of my memories from childhood. Maybe you will find them interesting. I passed my childhood in a village near Bihar.

My mother was my best friend at that time and she used to teach me the letters. I started my studies with a book full of pictures. I loved that book a lot and used to see the images in the book. There are several types of flowers, animals, etc pictures. Then, one day my mother took me to a school near our home.

I was totally afraid because I had no idea what was going on there. Then they took me into the classroom and that was an extraordinary experience for me. I started another life called student life.  That is my most important childhood memory.    

My Childhood Memories: Paragraph (200 Words)

I have lots of childhood memories that I can’t forget at all. Memories are really valuable for everyone. Our memories inspire us to live and keep us motivated. I think it’s a good thing to remember you’re good memories. Today, I will share the most important memory from my childhood that I won’t forget anytime.


This is the first day of school. I was spending my childhood in Delhi with my parents. My father was my best friend and he used to spend most of his time with me. He taught me basic letters and a few poems that I still can recite. One day he took me to the nearest school.

I knew about that and I was ready mentally, but I was so much excited because I had no idea about what was going on there. He took me to a room where few teachers were sitting and they asked me a few questions. I was feeling awkward, but I answered all the questions.

Then he notes my name and admitted me to the school. I went to the class then and I enjoyed a lot. This day is the best day of my childhood, I can’t forget that day. I will remember this special day always, my whole life.  

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