My Mother: Paragraph

Paragraph on My Mother for Students

My Mother: Paragraph for Class 4, 5, 6 in 150 Words

My mother’s name is Mst. Rokeya Khatun. She is a well-educated woman and she is about forty years old.  She is very kind-hearted with the people. Right now, she is a housewife and spending her major times for the family. But a few years earlier, she worked in a school as a primary school teacher. My mother is a polite and gentle lady. She loves us very much. I think there is none who can better take care of our family.

She cooks food for us and her cooking skill is amazing. I love eating her cooked food always. She does almost everyone works in our family. Sometimes I and my sister help her a little bit but she is the one who is doing everything. My mother knows how to keep a good relationship with neighbors and they are very pleased with her. I love my mother very much and I wish her to live long with me.

My Mother: Paragraph for Class 7, 8

My mother is the person who loved me most. She is the most caring woman for me and my family. My mother’s name is Sufia Khatun and she is forty years old. My mother is a very active person. She is a school teacher and she takes care of our whole family with continuing his job.

We all siblings are totally dependent on our mother. She is an educated woman who completed B. Ed and worked for a private NGO before starting her teaching job. My mother is very hard working. She never misses her school without any major problems. She is a soft-hearted a woman who loves everyone.

She is keeping a really good relationship with our neighbors and relatives. I proud of my mother and love her so much. My mother is the best mother in this world.

My Mother: Paragraph (200 Words) For Class 9, 10

My mother’s name is Sabiha Ahmed. She is a housewife. I have never seen an amazing lady like my mom. She is really beautiful and kind. Most of the time she spends with us in the house. She does all of the works. Before we all wake up, she gets up very early in the morning and starts working. She cooks food and her food is really delicious.


I love her cooking food a lot. When I stay out of home, I miss her food a lot. She loves us very much. Every mother loves her kids. It’s a universal truth. Mothers are selfless they do everything for us. They tried their best to raise us a good kid. They sacrifice so many happiness’s in their life to make our future better.

She is hardworking, loving, caring, and supporting. When I going to do something new, she inspires me a lot. I always love her cheers for my work. She is my teacher and guide as well. She helps me doing my home works and taking preparation for the examination. She is guiding me to the good path. I love my mother very much, she is the most important person in my life.

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