10 Lines on Mother Teresa in English

10 Lines on Mother Teresa for Class 3, 4, 5, 6

10 sentences on Mother Teresa in English for kids are here. Don’t forget to share these lines with your kids.

1. In Indian history, Mother Teresa is one of the most loved and respected women ever. She had an amazing contribution to society.  

2. She came to Indian from modern-day Macedonia. When she came here she was a 19 years old young girl.  

3. When she saw the bad situation of people here, she decided to stay here forever. Then she has spent her entire life as a nun.  

4. Even she got Indian citizenship for her amazing contribution.  

5. She received the Noble Peace Prize as the first Indian citizen in 1979.  

6. She was awarded Bharat-Ratna in 1980 and Padma-Shri in 1962. These two are the biggest award in the country.  

7. She worked for poor people. She mostly helped the sick and helpless. She feeds them food and gives them free medical treatment.  

8. She mostly spent her life in the Bengal area.  

9. She used to wear very simple white and blue saree and lived a very simple life.  

10. There are lots of lessons to learn from the life of this amazing and sacrificing woman.    

10 Lines on Mother Teresa for Class 7, 8, 9, 10

Here are here 10 points on Mother Teresa in English for students of class 7, 8, 9 and 10. These lines are easy and any student can learn them.  

1. Mother Teresa was from Yugoslavia (modern-day Macedonia). She was born on August 27, 1910. Her original name is Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. She has been popular and awarded for contribution to humanity.  

2. At the age of twelve, she found herself interested in helping the poor. In her 19 years old age, she came to India as a nun. And then she decided to stay here and serve the poor forever.  

3. She was teaching in St. Mary’s High School in Kolkata but she didn’t tolerate the poverty and suffering of poor peoples. And that’s why she decided to spend her life spending the poor and disable peoples.  

4. Then she left school and devoted herself to helping humanity. She started Missionaries of Charity to help the helpless. Now her charity is working more than 100 countries all across the world with tremendous success and helping people.  

5. She mostly wanted to provide medical treatment for free. There were lots of diseases that took life easily, but the solution to these diseases was so simple. She trained people and worked a lot.  

6. She was awarded Padma-Shri in 1962 for her contribution and it is one of the biggest awards in India. Then she got citizenship in India. As a first-ever Indian citizen, she receives the Nobel Prize in 1979. That was a proud moment for the nation.  

7. Right next year, in 1980 she was awarded for Bharat-Ratna, the highest honorable award in India. And she was so much loved by the people of India for her work.  

8. She had a very simple lifestyle. She used to wear saree with blue and white colors. And never spend a luxurious life. She always stayed with the people who are facing problems.  

9. Her life is an ideal life to follow for sacrificing women.  

10. There are so many things to learn from her life. We need to learn about this amazing person and need to pay respect to her.  

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