10 Lines on Christmas in English for Students

Christmas is the biggest celebration for Christians all across the world. This celebration is huge and millions of people celebrate this. You kid should learn more about it. And that’s why we have provided these 10 sentences on Christmas in English. I hope these important points will let them know about this ritual. You will find suitable lines for you according to your class.

10 Lines on Christmas
10 Lines on Christmas

10 Lines on Christmas for Class 2, 3, 4

1. Christmas is a celebration for Christians.

2. They celebrate this on 25th December of every year.

3. Jesus Christ was born on this day.

4. People remember him and pray in this day.

5. They decorate their house.

6. Kids get new clothes.

7. Everyone gets gifts to exchange with each other.

8. Tree designs are really beautiful in this day.

9. It’s an official holiday in most of the countries in the world.

10. It is really a beautiful festival.

10 Lines on Christmas for Class 5, 6, 7

1. Christmas is the biggest festival in the world for the Christians. The entire world celebrates this celebration together.

2. It is celebrated on 25th December of every year. It is the birthday of Jesus Christ.

3. Christmas is a great festival to spend time with friends and family. It teaches us to do sharing and loving people around us.

4. Kids are the most important part of Christmas. They wear beautiful, fancy dresses and collect chocolate from different houses.

5. People forget all angriness and ego in this day. They go to everyone house and invite others to their house.

6. Everyone buys gifts for their favorite peoples. I got a bunch of gifts last Christmas. Most of my elders gave me gifts. I loved these gifts. These were really amazing.

7. We celebrate last Christmas in Mumbai with our entire family. My grandmother was also with us. We had a great time together.

8. My cousins are my best friends. I love to spend time with them. But due to the study purpose, we can’t meet often. Christmas is the biggest option to meet and spend time with them.

9. We don’t have any study pressure at that time. I really enjoyed my last Christmas with all of them.
10. I wish to enjoy every Christmas like this.

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10 Lines on Christmas for Class 8, 9, 10

1. In 25th December of every year, it’s Jesus Christ birthday and Christians from all across the world celebrate this day as ‘Christmas’. It is the biggest celebration and religious ritual in their religion.

2. It is a worldwide holiday and people enjoy this day with so much fun and joy. Everyone comes to their house to celebrate this with friends and family.

3. The most beautiful part of Christmas is the kids. They get lots of chocolate as gifts. Every house should keep some chocolates for the kids. Kids will come and you have to give them some chocolate. It’s a really beautiful thing. Kids wear beautiful and fancy dresses on this day.

4. The girls get their new and designed dress to celebrate Christmas with friends and family. Every girl wants to look best.

5. Santa Claus is the biggest part of this ceremony. He comes and gives gifts to the kids. Actually, Santa is a myth and belief in Christianity. Lots of people dress like Santa in this day and provide gifts to the kids.

6. Home decoration and lighting is an amazing part of it. Everyone decorates their house properly. They hang star and moon on the room. They get a Christmas tree. That tree is really colorful and looks so nice.

7. When the season start you will find Christmas carols in the street. The European and American countries, they celebrate this for one or two weeks long. Some of them celebrate the entire month.

8. New Year Eve is after only five days and that’s why they celebrate this nonstop with so much fun. New year eve becomes a part of this celebration every time.

9. The rituals that people follow there are interesting and so much beautiful. It makes a good relationship with each other. It helps to come together and share love and happiness.

10. It is the biggest celebration and I love to be a part of this celebration every year.