10 Lines on Book in English

Books are the best friend of ours. Today we are going to share a few lines on books. I hope these lines will teach you something interesting about books. I am a book lover personally. I love reading books and that’s why I thought to share these 10 sentences on books for the students who need this. These lines are available for everyone. You can use them in your educational study and examination.

10 Lines on Book in English
10 Lines on Book in English

10 Lines on Book for Class 2, 3, 4

1. The book can be our best friend.

2. We should read books regularly.

3. It helps to increase our knowledge and makes us mature.

4. It is great to create a habit of reading books regularly.

5. I am a book lover and I read two books every week.

6. I have got a family library in our house and sometimes I borrow books from the school library.

7. I found that book reading let me be confident and make the positivity in me.

8. It improves my imagination power.

9. You should read books too.

10. Reading books is a really great habit that everyone should possess.

10 Lines on Book for Class 5, 6, 7

1. Reading a book is one of the best habits that someone can acquire in his daily life.

2. But sorry to say, there are a really less number of people are aware of the advantages of reading books.

3. If someone can realize the importance of reading books, he will never stop reading books. It has so many good sides.

4. The principal reason behind the reading book is gaining knowledge. It let us learn new things and acquire proper information about something. It gives us a detailed and in-depth insight about the topic that we are reading.

5. When someone read books regularly they become really good in language. They can speak better, they can write better. So if you are interested to become a writer, you need to read enormous books.

6. If you read fiction, that will improve your imagination. When you will start imaging you are part of the story, it will make you visionary. You will learn how to handle different kinds of situations through reading books.

7. Reading is some kind of motivation for me. When I read something related what I love, I feel excited and it motivates me to do something good.

8. Every writer reads a lot. They get inspired by reading to write their next piece.

9. Reading books is the best use of your leisure time. Don’t just waste your time; use it in productive work.

10. It doesn’t take any efforts and books are available in the library for free.

10 Lines on Book for Class 8, 9, 10

1. I am a book lover and I love reading books. I think everyone should read books regularly. There are so many advantages to reading books.

2. It helps us to improve our thinking and understanding. If you are a regular reader, your mind will be sharper and you will be able to think and understand better than a person who doesn’t read books often. That’s why if you want to keep your mind healthy, you should read books.

3. There are several types of books. You should find a topic that you really love and enjoy. For me, it’s business and entrepreneurship. I read lots of books related to building a business. It inspires me to work harder and grow my business better and take it to the next level.

4. Students should read something that will enrich their knowledge and let them know something more. So I always suggest books like National Geography Journal could be good choices for the students.

6. They should read lots of fictions too. Fictions are always interesting and anybody will be attracted while reading good fiction. We all know about ‘Harry Potter’. That’s an amazing fiction and storybook. Most of the kids love reading this. Even I was a fan when I was a kid.

7. Till now, my favorite book is ‘Robinson Cruse’ by Daniel Defoe. It fictional books about a person who spends lots of years on an island all alone. I found that book really thrilling. The writer is always my favorite one. I still enjoy this book.

8. If you are having lots of stress and depression, then you must need to read books. It is proven by health analysis and experts that reading books help to reduce stress. It will create a positive mentality into you and never let you become de-motivated.

9. Imagination and creativity is the most important thing for a filmmaker. If you want to become a filmmaker, you need to read lots of books. When you are reading something, you can imagine that on your brain. It will let you know how to capture this on the screen. If you keep doing that, it will increase your imagination power and creativity.

10. Reading books is the best habit, so start reading books from today. I am a book lover and I suggest you be one.