10 Lines on Internet in English for Students

10 Lines on Internet for Class 2, 3, 4

1. The Internet is the biggest change in the modern world. 

2. It has made so many things easy such as video calling.

3. It’s important for entertainment and education.

4. There are millions of educational websites where we can learn about different things.

5. YouTube is a free video streaming website, where we can watch videos the whole day long. 

6. People are learning different kinds of skills online now. 

7. There are lots of online schools, where you can do classes and learn actual things. 

8. Even the big universities are starting an online class system. 

9. We can get entertainment easily from home. 

10. All these things have been possible due to the internet. 

10 Lines on Internet for Class 5, 6, 7

1. Internet is a collection of billions of webpage’s that has content in text, audio, video, and image form. These contents are helpful.

2. It has made information so cheap and easy for everyone. Now people can get any information from the internet without spending any money. Lots of areas have free internet service.

3. You can access the huge big world of the internet with your mobile or computer. You just need a valid internet connection. 

4. It has improved human life. Now people can do lots of things easily and without any major effort that was pretty much impossible a couple of years ago. 

5. Education, business, communication everywhere has the contribution of the internet. Especially the communication system has been so much upgraded. And that’s how the business has been easy for people. 

6. Entertainment has been so easy. Because of the wide use of the internet, Television has been less used. Now people love to watch video streaming sites, where they can watch videos that they like. 

7. Anyone can use the internet with his mobile phone, computer, or tablet. Even now it’s possible to add the network on your Television too. 

8. The entire world is using a 4G network now and the experts are developing 5G technology. Within a couple of years, the entire world will be able to use 5G. 

9. The Internet has been a big way to make money nowadays. Millions of peoples are businesses are focused on internet to drive customer and make a sale. 

10. It is a visionary thing that has changed the entire world. it’s not possible to run the world a single day without an internet connection.

10 Lines on Internet for Class 8, 9, 10

1. The Internet is an invention of modern science that is helping the entire world to come together and improved the communication system a lot. It has made things possible that were unimaginable a few years ago. 

2. It has lots of advantages and good sides. First of all, it has made communication so simple. Anyone can get connected with anyone without so much effort.

3. Internet is nothing but the connection of lots of networks these are connected with computers, data centers, and website owners. 

4. It has made information technology so easy. Anyone can access any information living in any place in the world. The World Wide Web is open for everyone. You can access that information that you never thought you will. 

5. It has a huge contribution in the education sector. The students can find their lesson searching on the internet. They can learn lots of things out of their textbooks. Lots of universities have started their course online, where they teach the students and take exams too. 

6. In the business sector, the whole industry has changed. Now people are dependent on e-commerce where they can order products from home. That’s why Amazon has been a billion-dollar business. There are lots of eCommerce businesses like this are Alibaba, eBay, Ali Express, Walmart, etc. 

7. Even people can get jobs online. This profession has been known worldwide as a freelancer. You can work for foreign companies living anywhere in the world. Skills like writing, web design, and graphic design are most appreciated. 

8. People are being dependent on the internet too much. It has lots of amazing sides that have improved our lifestyle and made everything so easy. Through social media, we can make new friends and can stay connected with them. We can exchange our words and can chat with them. It has been easy to send photos, videos, and short messages. 

9. With all these good reasons, there are few bad things that might be a matter of worry for everyone. Young people are getting affected on porn due to easy free porn on the internet. The government should take proper step to take down these websites to keep the youth in a positive way. 

10. Overall the internet has come as a blessing in our life. We need to use this properly. With proper use, we will be able to get the best benefit of it. 

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