10 Lines on Child Labour in English for Students

Child Labour is one of the major problems in India and also lots of other countries are facing this issue. Today we will share a few lines on child labour. You should let your kid know what child labor is and how to get rid of that social problem. We have written these lines for the school kids mainly and you will find suitable lines for your class below.

10 Lines on Child Labour in English
10 Lines on Child Labour in English

10 Lines on Child Labour for Class 2, 3, 4

1. Childhood is the most important part of human life. A person learns the most important lessons in that time.

2. In some case, the childhood of a kid isn’t like you or me.

3. They work when they are under-age.

4. This is a prohibited and illegal thing to do in India.

5. Most of the time when someone wants labors in low wage, they hire child labors.

6. This is a result of lacking for enough resources, irresponsible parents and greedy owners of companies and investors.

7. We have to keep remember that childhood is the purest time to build a good person.

8. Everyone should be with a family and need to have proper education, food, clothes etc at that time.

9. Due to poverty, parents send their kids to work. In that case, the government should create work opportunity for adults.

10. India has more than 10.1 million child labors.

10 Lines on Child Labour for Class 5, 6, 7

1. Child labor is a field where kids work fulltime in any field. There is lots of working field in India, where a child is the biggest part of workers.

2. In most of the case, child labor is a forceful act that happens due to parents, owners, etc. there are lots of irresponsible parents who sent their kids to work.

3. But most of the time, they sent them due to poverty. So we need to work to remove poverty from the country. If the government can make more work for people, that can change the situation a lot.

4. Every kid has their right to live their childhood under love and protection from parents. If they don’t have parents, there are orphanages-homes to stay. But they must not get integrated into such works.

5. When a kid does child labor, it doesn’t let him grow properly. It makes him a dangerous citizen for the country and he can’t be okay with socialization. He starts thinking himself different and alone.

6.  Everyone deserves the happiest childhood with so many beautiful memories. But child labor keeps a kid away from all these loving things that could happen in his life.

7. They can’t join school regularly. And it is really bad for his future. He can’t prepare himself for the upcoming future. He becomes a dangerous citizen.

8. Child labour activities are increasing too much with increasing of population.

9. We still have time to be aware of this issue. We need to prevent child labor and let them live a happy childhood. That will make them a perfect citizen in the future.

10. Every country should have proper law about this issue.

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10 Lines on Child Labour for Class 8, 9, 10

1. Children are the most important part of a country. They are a huge part of the total population. They are an asset to the future of a country. But when a kid becomes labour in his childhood, we can’t consider him as a future asset.

2. He might be away from social life and proper education. That will make him a dangerous citizen for the country.

3. Children who live under the poverty line are being forced to do child labor after all these campaigns against this by government and lots of welfare organization. We need to work on making more working possibility for the adults. If an adult can work from a family and can maintain then a kid can go to school.

4. Parents are the most important part of your life. But if they send you to work at the age of 10, then you have nothing to do. In that case, we need to make awareness among parents and adults. We need to expose the bad side of this.

5. Childhood is the best time to get basic education for the upcoming future. A kid can go to any path from this time. If you care for him and educate him properly he will be an amazing person and a good citizen for the country.

6. There are lots of owners who invest money and want the best return. They hire child labor to do the work at a low price. We need to take some step against them.

7. There are lots of ways to stop child labor. First of all, it needs to be stopped by the family. The parents need to stop sending their kids to work.

8. The government should create more working zone for the adults. So that the elders can work and maintain the family. It will make a huge impact on poverty and lots of people will come out of poverty.

9. Need to make some effective and strict law against child labor. Currently, there is law but they are not being used. We need to implement the laws.

10. Child labor is a curse for our society. We need to get rid of that curse.

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