10 Lines on Good Habits in English

10 Lines on Good Habits for Class 2, 3, 4

1. Good habits can change our lives.  

2. We need to take care of our health with early rising and physical exercise.  

3. Everyone needs to become punctual and never be late for class and work.  

4. Always speak the truth and never tell lie to your parents, teachers, and friends.  

5. Need to keep our clothes and our body neat and clean.  

6. Everyone needs to study properly and do the homework.  

7. We should not watch TV late at night. Sleeping early is good for health.  

8. A daily routine is very important to follow.  

9. Making a reading habit can improve our life.  

10. These good habits are really important.    

10 Lines on Good Habits for Class 5, 6, 7

1. Everyone needs to develop a few good habits for regular life. These habits can improve our lifestyle and give us a better living experience.  

2. First thing first, we need to get up early in the morning and then it will be amazing if we can go for a morning walk. It refreshes our mind and gives us the opportunity to spend time with a beautiful nature.  

3. To maintain proper fitness, we can go to the gym or can do physical exercise in the home. There are tons of videos that can assist us.  

4. Diet is an important thing to maintain. We should follow a proper food schedule. We need to stop eating junk food and need to eat more and healthier foods like fruits and vegetables.  

5. Loving the juniors and respecting the seniors is a very important thing. Our behavior shows and represents us to everyone in society.  

6. Everyone should learn to handle money. It is an important lesson and habit that everyone should have.  

7. Honesty is the best policy and we need to become honest in our life. We need to tell the truth always and never lie with anyone.  

8. Building a reading habit can improve our personality and can make us a good person in the future. That’s why we need to read more and more books.  

9. Everyone needs to become Hygienic. Have to keep your body, clothes and other things that are neat and clean.  

10. These habits are noble and really important for every student.    

10 Lines on Good Habits for Class 8, 9, 10

1. As a human, we need to have some good habits in our regular life. These habits drive our life in a positive and good way. We can achieve so many things in our professional and personal life following some good habits.  

2. The most important habit should be related to our health. We need to practice something that keeps our health fit and fine. There are lots of rules of good health, we need to follow them.  

3. Early rising is a very good thing for us. All of the successful people have suggested everyone get up early in the morning and go for a small morning walk.  

4. Behaving well will everyone is another great habit to acquire for us. Our behavior shows how good or bad we are. It represents us to the other people around us. So we need to improve our behavior.  

5. Staying fit physically is important for everyone. Going to the gym could be a good thing for this. Physical exercises are easy and scheduled there with the guidance of an experienced fitness trainer.  

6. Everyone should get a schedule or daily routine, whether you are a student or a business person. Everyone should schedule their life in a proper way. It helps to understand and set the goal easily.  

7. Food habit plays a huge role in our life. We need to control our eating. Need to eat lots of healthy food such as vegetables and fruits. And stop eating junk food. Junk food can kill our energy.  

8. To win in the race of life, we need to make a winner mindset. That is only possible when we are focused on our target with so much inspiration and motivation.  

9. Become a good reader. Reading books has tons of benefits. It will enrich your mind, knowledge and will give you tons of creative ideas.  

10. These good habits are really important for our life to keep ourselves focused on a goal.

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