10 Lines on My Sister in English

10 Lines on My Sister for Class 2, 3, 4

These 10 points on my sister for classes 2, 3, and 4 are easy for kids. Share these with them.  

1. I have a younger sister and her name is Shikha.  

2. She is a student of class three.  

3. She is very cute and beautiful.  

4. She loves to play with dolls.  

5. She loves eating chocolate and ice-cream.  

6. She spends most of her time with my grandmother.  

7. She can recite beautiful poems.  

8. She can sing and dance well.  

9. She is a very good student too.  

10. I love her so much.  

10 Lines on My Younger Sister for Class 5, 6, 7

Here are 10 sentences on my younger sister in English for classes 5, 6 and 7. I hope these lines will help you to understand this topic better.  

1. I have a younger sister named Maya and she is a student of class six.  

2. She is so much talent from her childhood. She has come first in all of her classes till now.  

3. At such a young age, she has got some amazing and unique skills that make me surprise sometimes.  

4. She is a very regular person and she has a good sense of punctuality. She never gets late or anything and she can manage her time properly.  

5. She never misses her school. That’s a very good thing to get connected with your school.  

6. She is helpful and helps all of her friends in the study. She is good at math and she helps others to solve their math problems.  

7. At that age, she has started reading books and that’s a very good sign for her future.  

8. I really appreciate her and love her a lot. She spends most of her time with me in the house.  

9. We have got an amazing bonding and understanding between us.  

10. I love my sister very much, she is my queen. She is the best gift from my parents.    

10 Lines on My Elder Sister for Class 8, 9, 10

10 Lines on my elder sister in English for classes 8, 9, and 10 are easy and simple.  

1. I have an elder sister and her name is Maria. She is a student at Medical College.  

2. She is a very bright student. From her childhood, she has done awesome and outstanding results always.  

3. She wanted to become a doctor and now she is at Medical College for that. To be there, she has done so much hard work. She studied the whole night long and then she has been succeeding to be there.  

4. She is so much helpful and she helps everyone. Whenever I need any assistance in my study, I go to her and she solves my problems. She is good at math and most of the time I need suggestions on this subject.  

5. She is the best friend of mine and the best gift from my parents. We have been raised together and lived together. I understand her better and she also understands me a lot.  

6. She has got so many extracurricular talents. She can sing very well. In most of the celebration of our area, she loves to sing a song. When she was a school student she was good at the dance too.  

7. She can play the guitar very well. She has a guitar and sometimes we went to the roof together and she plays it.  

8. I have never seen anyone as friendly as her. She shares lots of things with me about her life and I also do the same. I feel good to share things with her.  

9. We never quarrel between us. We have got an amazing mutual relation between us. That’s beyond siblings. We are best friends too.  

10. I love my sister a lot. She is one of the most important people for me in my life. I can’t live without her.  

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