Short Paragraph on Price Hike for School and College Students

Short Paragraph on Price Hike in 200 Words

Price hike indicates a situation when the price of average products gets higher due to some inappropriate market situation. The price hike could happen due to several types of reasons. The inflation of money is one of the biggest reasons. There are lots of dishonest businessmen who store different types of products illegally.

It creates unrest in the normal market and people face a huge lack of this product. In that case, the price gets higher automatically. And the people who stored these, they can make a big profit. The entire process is illegal and it deserves punishment. Sorry to say, there is no enough effort from the government to keep the situation normal.

Smuggling and black-marketing is another reason.  In that case, the police should take some proper steps according to the law. But in most of the case, they remain silent and in some cases, they make money from the culprit. We can solve this problem easily with taking some steps. We need to stop storing things. And we have to inform the police about the people who are storing things. And if they take proper steps, then the price hike won’t be a big problem for the country.

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