Price Hike Paragraph for Students and Children

When the price of daily necessaries goes out of control, we called that situation as Price Hike. It is a very big problem for our country. We all have experienced such imbalanced situations a lot of times. There are lots of reasons behind this. Lower production, black-marketing, immoral storing of products, too much supply of money are some principal reasons behind this problem. We alone can’t control that situation. Everyone should be aware of that and governments have to take wise decisions in those matters. The price hike destroys the entire economy of a country. It is a huge threat and we need to be aware.

Paragraph on Price Hike (150 Words) for Class 5, 6, 7

When the product price gets higher and goes out of control of general people we call that situation as a price hike. This is a common problem for every developing country. The biggest reason behind this is the decrease in production and corruption between people. It has not an easy problem to handle. Sometimes due to a natural disaster, we get a lower amount of production and that can’t fulfill our demand. At that time the government import that product from another country.
But there are some manmade problems too, such as immoral businessmen store too many products, black-marketing, increase the supply of money, and increase public demand. We can control this problem with solving these reasons. But the government should take some serious steps on that. Using the law properly can change the situation; otherwise, this problem can destroy the economy of a country.

Paragraph on Price Hike (200 Words) for Class 8, 9, 10

When the price of daily necessary things goes up and out of general customer’s affordability in that time we address that situation as Price Hike. Price hikes a very common problem in countries like India, Bangladesh or Pakistan. We are a developing country and our economy is not stable. Because of several reasons the prices of different things go up sometimes. The biggest reason for the price hike is a lower amount of production. When the production is lower, the government needs to import that product from another country and the cost goes up automatically. There are some other reasons too.
Some immoral businessmen store the products and make an imbalance in the market. That’s another reason behind this problem. When the supply of money increase too much, the price gets higher. This is a tough thing to control. The government should look after and control the market to keep the price balanced every time. Not only is our country almost every country suffering from this problem. We need to increase production and stop importing things from other countries. If we focus on production, we will be able to create millions of job opportunities for jobless people, will get things with a good price and the country will earn huge money from exporting.