Short Paragraph on Child Labour for Students

Short Paragraph on Child Labour in 200 Words

Child labor is an illegal act that happens all around the world. It simply means to include children in the working field. There are lots of countries facing the child labor problem. There is tons of reason behind this problem. It is completely a social issue. We can solve it.

The biggest reason for this problem is poverty. When there is no workable member in the family who can make money and maintain the family, the family becomes helpless and they send their kids in the working field.
The biggest solution is to create working facilities for adults. The government should be aware of this. There a huge amount of unprivileged kids who can’t go to school and don’t get enough education. Every kid has an equal right to get proper education and a good life in their childhood. We need to ensure that.
Child laborers can’t become good future citizens. Most of them become day labor later and few of them even get connected into crimes. That is too much risk for their future. We need to eliminate child labor forever from our country. People should be aware of this issue. There are lots of NGO and government institutes are working to ensure children’s education.

Short Paragraph on Child Labour
Short Paragraph on Child Labour

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