Short Paragraph on Computer for Students

Short Paragraph on Computer in 200 Words

A computer means a machine for calculating. But it is something more than just calculating. The modern computer has changed in the entire technology. I think the invention of the computer is the biggest wonder of science. In the beginning, the computer was huge in size, but now you can keep a computer in your tiny bag.

The computer has various uses. First of all, you can use that for educational purposes. The teachers can prepare their lecture previously with so many interesting graphics and it becomes easier to present to the students. Students can read books and keep their data in the computer. It is easy to carry and no tensions for losing any data.
It is contributing to the business and medical industry too. It has made international communication so easy. With an internet-connected computer, you can call or text anyone all around the world. It just takes a second to get connected.  Communication is important for the business.
It is helping doctors to find the diseases and sometimes it is even assisting to find the solution too. Overall the computer is having lots of advantages for human life. It has made our life easy and simple. It is a blessing for us.

Short Paragraph on Computer
Short Paragraph on Computer