Short Paragraph on a Street Beggar in 300 Words

A Street Beggar Paragraph in 300 Words

Life of a beggar is much too hard and tough. They struggle a lot in their life. Most of the street beggar has no specific place to live. They are homeless. Or some of them live in slums or somewhere they don't have any better facilities for a good life. Begging is not a good thing and anybody shouldn't beg. But when people become completely helpless, and can't do anything in their life, they start begging. I street beggar has a struggling life. They can't manage proper food to eat. Some of the beggars have a family too. They need to feed their family. I know a beggar who begs beside our home. I daily see him wearing a broken Punjabi and pants. I give him some money sometimes.

Most people avoid beggars. But we need to help them. We should make sure of their good life. The government should make enough working opportunities for them so that they can get rid of this problem. The trouble that they face in their life, is unbearable. As a normal life leading person, I can't imagine spending a life this. They face lots of bad times in every day. They have to face criticism, insults regularly.

Though begging isn't a good profession, we shouldn't insult or criticize them in public places. If possible, then give them work. So that they can change their fortune with working. They don't have any specific place to live and they don't have things to eat. That's why they face huge trouble in the winter season in unbearable coldness. Any beggars don't use the shoe, because they can't afford to buy one. Now we all have to be kind to them and shouldn't misbehave with them.

Short Paragraph on a Street Beggar in 300 Words
Short Paragraph on a Street Beggar in 300 Words

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