Short Paragraph on India Gate for All Students

Short Paragraph on India Gate in 200 Words

There are so many beautiful architectures in India and India Gate is one of them. This gate was constructed to pay respect for the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of India. This spot is one of the most visited places in Delhi. Whoever visits the city, they must go there. There is a very beautiful option for a picnic spot. Most of the local people gather there for that. It is so easy to go there because it is in the center of the city. In the winter season, there are lots of people go there with friends and family, eat lunch and spend a good time with everyone else. In the night, the place is illuminated with lights. And it looks very beautiful. That’s why evening is the best time to be there in India Gate. This gate was designed and builds under the supervision of Edwin Lutyens and it took almost 10 years to be done. The entire gate is 42 meters tall and 9 meters in width. It is built by granite and sandstone. Amar Jawan Jyoti is a very important part of the gate where it indicates the martyrs who sacrificed lives in Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971. It is a very important place for India and every kid should learn about it.  

Writer: Sahil C.

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