Short Paragraph on Dog for Children and Students

Short Paragraph on Dog in 200 Words

The dog is widely known as a pet animal. People all across the world love this animal and love to keep them as a pet. It is a very intelligent animal. There is a lot of importance of dogs in human life. It is a very loyal animal. It faces danger to save its master life.
They are very faithful and that’s why people keep them for home security. They have a very good sense of hearing and smell. Army and police use them to find drugs, bombs and catch criminals. Dogs get special training for that. They are so strong and can run faster.
There are different types of dogs, bloodhound, Labrador, Greyhound, Rottweiler, German shepherd, bulldog poodle, etc are the main breeds. There are different sizes and colors too. They love to eat fish, meat, rice, bread, milk, etc and that’s why it is so easy to raise a dog. You don’t need to buy extra food for him.
Having a dog won’t let you feel lonely. It could be a good friend of ours. The older adults use a dog to spend their leisure time. Dogs are loyal and they never leave their master. Dogs have a need for the security of airports, schools, houses, police stations, and many more important places.

Short Paragraph on Dog
Short Paragraph on Dog

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