Short Paragraph on My Visit to a Zoo for Students

Short Paragraph on My Visit to a Zoo in 200 Words

I was telling my father to take me to a zoo for a long time. Finally, he took me there last week. I had an amazing time there. I am going to explain it here. My little sister was with me. It was a national holiday and that’s why my school and papa’s office was closed.

We picked that date to visit the nearest zoo. It is a national zoo and we knew it will take a long time to visit the entire place. That’s why my father took some food to eat at lunchtime. We entered the zoo at 10 AM. And in the beginning, there were the cages for different types of birds.

The cages are huge that thousands of birds can stay there. I never saw that much bird before. I was amazed. Then we moved and went into the monkey zone. A lot of kids gathered there. There were more than twenty types of monkeys. The looked so energetic and they were shouting.

The most entertaining moment for me was watching the tiger and the lion. I was highly excited about them. I saw the lion lying on the grass and the lion was eating his lunch. That was an amazing visit to the zoo. I loved it. 

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