Short Paragraph on Cricket for Students and Children

Short Paragraph on Cricket in 200 Words

Cricket is an outdoor game mostly played in Asia and Europe. England is the inventor of this game. This game has three different formats, One Day International (ODI), Test, and T20. T20 is the most favorite and popular version. There are some big leagues happening all around the world based on T20. IPL is one of the biggest tournaments.

Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka play very good cricket from the subcontinent. Sri Lanka, Pakistan has won the world cup one time each and India has won two times. ICC World Cup is the biggest cricket tournament in the world.
This game became popular among the entire subcontinent in the British Rule. I love to play cricket a lot, it is my favorite game too. I never miss any India’s cricket match and love to watch the big tournaments. International Cricket Council or ICC is the governing body that controls this game worldwide.
This game has become a part of Indian life. Our happiness and emotion have been attached with it. Everyone here in India loves to watch this game. The cricketers are considered as the biggest celebrities in the country. This game helps people to come together and spread brotherhood.

Short Paragraph on Cricket
Short Paragraph on Cricket