Short Paragraph on Gender Inequality | 350 Words

Short Paragraph on Gender Inequality for Class 4 to 10

Gender inequality refers to the difference in opportunities and advantages between men and women. It has been seen from thousands of years that the men are ruling the world and the women are being harassed. But according to all religions and science, all humans are equal. Female has the same right that a male has. But regarding different regions, females face huge inequality.

India is a very big example of gender inequality. A few years ago also there was a trend to kill the daughter in the womb. The government has been strict about that and this problem has decreased in a good number. People consider a girl child as a danger and burden. But that’s not true at all. Whatever a boy can do for the family, a girl can do exactly the same. In some cases, girls can do better.
But still, there is a high ratio of gender inequality. That inequality process gets started from the family. A boy and a girl get raised in two different ways. Most of the village girls don’t get proper education and their family head consider teaching the male kid mostly. The thing girls can’t do anything with studying. But this is a huge mistake for us.
Girls have lots of health difficulties in life. But they don’t get their family, school, workplace or anything friendly with their physical condition. Especially according to their special need, girls need a separate and better toilet in the school. But most of the government schools provide the same bathroom for boys and girls and that could be too much depressing for a young girl.
In the workplace, they get discriminated against by the officials. They don’t get their proper wage or salary even after doing the same work as a male co-worker. That’s a shameful thing for us. Most of the well-developed countries are paying the same for the male and female for the same role. We need to fix this problem.
They have limited opportunity in education, jobs, entrepreneurship etc. it is important to remove all these gender inequalities from society.

Short Paragraph on Gender Inequality
Short Paragraph on Gender Inequality

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