Short Paragraph on Facebook in 350 Words

Short Paragraph on Facebook in 350 Words

Facebook is a well known social media platform. American student Mark Zuckerburg founded Facebook in 2004. It started its journey as a social connection for Harvard University students. Then it got popularity and started to come out and normal US citizens started to use it. And after so many years, now Facebook has more than 2.45 billion people. It is almost half of the total population of the world. It has been recognized as the easiest and fast communication system for us. There are some interesting features in this platform. First of all, you have to sign up for free and you will find your known people’s accounts there. You can send a request to become their friend. 
They will also find you on their feed and some of them might send friend requests too. And then you can add 5000 people on the list. When you post a photo or write something, the people on your list can see and react to the post. They can share their opinions in the comment section. You can send a private message to somebody directly. It is so fast. Now Facebook is using another platform Messenger for sending and receiving messages.
Facebook has so many advantages in human life. Like communication, it has brought a huge change in the business format too. Now people can buy and sell their products through a Facebook page from their home. It is known as F-Commerce. Along with so many good sides, it has some bad sides too. Nowadays, Facebook is making some unrest and chaos between people. 

Short Paragraph on Facebook in 350 Words
Short Paragraph on Facebook in 350 Words

Mostly extreme and uneducated people are behind these situations. sometimes students spend too much time on social media. Because it is addictive. They chat with the opposite sex person for a long time in the night. Less sleep becomes harmful to their health. We need to control our use of social media. Overall Facebook is a good platform for entertainment, education, communication, and business. We can make this place better with quality content and behavior. We shouldn’t be aggressive or offensive with our language. Otherwise, it can be risky for us.

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