Short Paragraph on Friendship for School Students

Short Paragraph on Friendship in 200 Words

We all have got friends and we have a beautiful relation with them called ‘friendship’. Everyone has friends and it is almost impossible to live without friends. Though they are not our family, they become something more than a family. Some friends are really valuable to us. They contribute a lot to our life.

We need to understand who my best friend is and who is considering as a good person. Anyone could befriend anyone; it doesn’t require any caste, poor or rich. This is the beauty of friendship. But before making a personal friend we need to be aware of a few facts. We need to understand the person a bit.
First of all, become sure if he is honest or not. Always try to do friendship with honest peoples. If a liar becomes your friend, he might push you in trouble in the future. We have different stages in life, when you are in student life, you will make lots of school friends.
When you are in college life, you will make college friends. You will find friends at every stage of your life. You just need to become friendly and kind with people that are how you can become a great friend.

Short Paragraph on Friendship for All Class Students

Friendship is a very beautiful relationship between two individuals. It is one of the best relations between humans in the world. There are different types of friendship. We all have friends in our life. It is almost impossible for anyone to spend a life without having a friend. But all friends are not equal. Some friends are our true friends, who want our betterment and some friends are fake friends.
You could have a large number of friends in your school or college life. You will realize your own that only a few of them are special for you. Only a few of them are reliable. It is not possible to trust everyone. You should trust only your true friends.
It could be really hard to find real friends. Everyone will act like your best friend, but you have to understand and identify your best friend among them. Friendship is very important in our life. It teaches us lots of real-life lessons that we need to know as a human.
It helps us to understand our surroundings and loves other peoples out of our family. It helps to understand the people around us and know them very well.

Short Paragraph on Friendship
Short Paragraph on Friendship