Short Paragraph on Christmas for Children

Short Paragraph on Christmas in 200 Words

Christmas is the biggest celebration in Christianity. This day is the birthday of Jesus Christ. This festival is popular all across the world. The entire world comes together to celebrate this day breaking all religious boundaries. Including New Year’s Eve and Christmas, there is a long holiday. People enjoy that time with their families.

People do the shopping and get new clothes. They buy gifts for their friends and family. People exchange gifts on that day. It is a part of the celebration. The kids get the most fun and they collect chocolate from every house. Santa Claus comes and gives the kids a surprise gift.
People celebrate this day on December 25 of every year. It is considered as the biggest celebration in Christianity. This festival teaches us to forget all the negative things and increase brotherhood with each other. Even people from other religions also come together and greet each other because of this celebration. It is all about love and happiness.
This festival distributes love, joy, friendship, peace and happiness among all people across the world. People who love Jesus go to Church on this day and pray. This is very good to become religious. I love this celebration a lot.

Short Paragraph on Christmas
Short Paragraph on Christmas