Short Paragraph on Environment for Students

Short Paragraph on Environment in 200 Words

There are lots of elements in our environment. Soil, water, air are the most important parts of the environment. All these elements have made a good combination and made our nature amazing. We need to take care of them. We should never pollute them intentionally. Air is one of the biggest parts of nature.

When the air gets polluted we can’t breathe properly. There are lots of ways that’s how air gets polluted. We all should be aware of this. Deforestationis the biggest reason for air pollution. To keep our environment safe and beautiful, we need to stop air pollution.
Soil is another important element of the environment. We use too much plastic and that pollutes the soil. The soil lost its fertility power. Then we can’t plant trees there. It is a huge threat to nature. We need to stop using plastics. Plastics also pollute water. It destroys the sea life.
All these are important parts of our environment. We need to learn more about them and have to protect them to keep nature safe. Otherwise, our planet will face trouble like global warming, floods, and other natural calamities in the near future.

Short Paragraph on Environment
Short Paragraph on Environment