Short Paragraph on Deforestation for Children

Short Paragraph on Deforestation in 200 Words

Deforestation means cutting down trees in a large number. Trees are the most important part of our nature. It helps to keep the environment good and calm. There are lots of good sides to trees these are not possible to describe in words. We leave breathe because of oxygen and that comes to trees.

Trees give us shade and it is one of the biggest sources of food. We eat fruits and vegetables. Trees help to beautify a place. You can use big trees for a shadow in a place. It keeps the air clean and normal. Lacking trees could make the air polluted and people will suffer a lot because of it.
Deforestation causes lots of natural calamities. We have to stop deforestation to save our nature. Some immoral people cut and sell trees illegally for their personal gain. Government and law should take a step against these people.
Deforestation causes global warming too. The world’s temperature is increasing day by day. It has been a huge threat to the entire world. We need to stop that and only lots of tree plantations can do that. We need to stop deforestation and need to plant more and more trees.

Short Paragraph on Deforestation
Short Paragraph on Deforestation