Short Paragraph on Discipline for Children and Students

Short Paragraph on Discipline in 200 Words

Discipline is a good side of the character that everyone should have. It can improve our lives in a positive way. When you are a student you need to be disciplined a lot. It drives a person on the right path. We can show discipline in everything. Such as our regular work, study, behavior, and so many things.

Our day starts in the morning, you have to get up early in the morning. This is important. It will help you to spend a good day ahead. And then you can go for a morning walk or do some physical exercises. You need to keep yourself clean and follow the advice of your parents and teachers.
You should pray regularly. It keeps people to be disciplined and if you can do meditation too. There is lots of importance to it. Most of the time, it helps to increase our self-confidence. It keeps our minds positive and helps us to become happy in every moment in life.
Anyone can overcome bad habits following strict rules. Other people will like and respect you and you will get a very solid personality. And that’s why in student life, you need to become disciplined.

Short Paragraph on Discipline
Short Paragraph on Discipline