Short Paragraph on Dussehra in English

Short Paragraph on Dussehra in 200 Words

Dussehra is a Hindu festival celebrated all across India and lots of Hindus all around the world also celebrate this day. There is a historical value of this festival. On this day Lord Rama won a war against Ravana. Ravana was the king of Lanka and he was evil.

This festival is nothing but a celebration of Rama’s winning over Ravana. It indicates the win of good over evil. The Bengali people believe that the Devi Durga came to the world on this date Durga means good strength. There are lots of big celebrations on this day.

Ramayana is staged in lots of places to let people learn the story behind this celebration. People get new clothes and distribute sweets. They greet each other and love to spend time together. It is time to pray to God. Religious people go to the Mandir. Kids get new clothes and lots of toys.

This is a very good time for them. In Northern India, this festival is hugely colorful with plays, dances, and music called Ram Lila. Overall this is a celebration of winning well over the devil and gives us a positive message. Hindus, from all across the world come together to celebrate Dussehra.

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