Short Paragraph on My Favorite Game Cricket in 380 Words

Short Paragraph on My Favorite Game Cricket for Students

Cricket is my favorite game since I was a kid. I used to play indoor and outdoor cricket. Cricket passion is great in Pakistan. When. I was a kid I used to be a fast bowler but as time passes by I switch to leg break spinner. I got inspire by one of our international player Saeed Ajmal, he can blow in 3 different ways. He was the best leg-break spinner in the Pakistan cricket team. Whenever some say about playing cricket I am the first one to raise my hand that I want to play too. Cricket is actually in which you must be a bowler either batsmen. I was a bowler and the thing about Pakistan is that they develop great bowlers.

Pakistan bowling lineup is very strong among all other nations, a great say by one of Pakistani legend bowler Wasim Akram (there is a bowler in every street of Pakistan) well I say it’s true because of Pakistan lineup of bowling is great.
In cricket, there are three formats ODI, T20, test, I am interested in ODI and T20 because it limited over match which consists of 20 over they whole match end up in 4 hours and the most interesting about it the fan get entertained because in 20 over you have scored as much as you can and every the player is trying to hit 4 or 6.
My country Pakistan has won one ODI world cup and one T20 world cup. The passion of cricket cannot be over in us even though it’s not our national game but it’s worth watching and worth playing games. ICC or the international cricket council plays a very important role in cricket all the rules and laws are made by ICC.
After every 4 years, there is a world cup is organized by ICC and also supervised by ICC. Only the top 10 teams are eligible to play the world cup it is a rule by ICC. Every team tries to win the match to get to the top of the table. Top 4 teams qualify for the semi-final after semifinal the winner of each semi-final takes on each other in final. The one who got defeated in the final remains as runner up while the one who wins the match becomes champions for the next 4 years.

Writer: Uzair Asfandyar

Short Paragraph on My Favorite Game Cricket in 380 Words
Short Paragraph on My Favorite Game Cricket in 380 Words

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