Short Paragraph on Land Pollution for All Class Students

Short Paragraph on Land Pollution in 200 Words

Our environment contains so many elements and soil is one of the most important elements. When it get polluted, we call is land pollution or soil pollution. There are so many ways that’s how the land gets polluted. We need to learn about that process to prevent all the pollution and keep our environment safe and beautiful.

Plastic and Polythene is the biggest culprit in case of land pollution. We all use plastic materials and we throw that away after using it. When we throw any plastic in the land, it never changes. It stays the same for 2000 years. In that time it kills all the fertility of the land.

If we threw too much plastic dust in the field, it could be a big reason for low fewer crops. There is some other way too. We collect wastes and dust in a place and throw it into the land. We need to stop all these activities to save the land.

If we can stop land pollution, then it will help the environment to become more beautiful. We all have to be careful about these types of pollutions. Only we can save our planet with some efforts.

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