A Dialogue between Two Friends about Importance of Computer

A Dialogue between Two Friends about Importance of Computer

Ovi and Nisha are two friends. Recently in their school, there has been built a computer lab. Now they are talking about the importance of computers in student life and others. Here is the conversation between them.

Ovi: Hi Nisha, how are you?

Nisha: I am fine Ovi, what about you?  

Ovi: I am good. So have you seen the new computer lab in our school?

Nisha: Yes, I have seen it yesterday. This is very good for our school.  

Ovi: Can you tell me some importance of computers.

Nisha: Yes of course. The computer is the best invention of science and it has bought a huge revolution in technology. Now in every sector, they are using a computer.  

Ovi: Is that important in student life?

Nisha: Yes of course. You can keep thousands of books saved on your computer and can read them anytime, anywhere. Even with an internet-connected computer, you can access lots of video lessons for you. On YouTube, there are thousands of videos related to math, English, and science. We can learn our lessons from there.  

Ovi: Waoo, it seems so interesting. Good to know. What else can a computer do?

Nisha: It can do so many things. It could be a way of entertainment and even can be the medium of business and education.  

Ovi: How is it important in business?

Nisha: Business is based on good communication, and it helps you to create a better communication network. You can get connected with anyone in the world within a couple of seconds.  

Ovi: It’s impressive.

Nisha: Yeah it is. Now the medical sector is also using a computer. They are using it to find our critical diseases and sometimes it helps to find the solution too. It proves the progress of science.  

Ovi: Good to know all these from you Nisha. Thank you so much.

Nisha: It’s my pleasure. Take care, see you.

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