A Dialogue between a Doctor and a Patient

We have written a few dialogues between a doctor and a patient for school students and kids. I hope you will find this useful to you.

A Dialogue between a Doctor and a Patient: 1

Patient: Hello, may I come in?

Doctor: Yes, of course. How are you feeling today?  

Patient: Nothing change sir, the headache is pretty much the same as before.

Doctor: Oh sorry to know, are you taking the medicine that I prescribed you?  

Patient: Yes, I am taking the medicines properly, but I am not getting any change.

Doctor: Keep patience, it’s only a week. You need to wait more and check the improvement because your problem is so tough and uncommon.  

Patient: What should I do now? Doctor: Have you finished the medicines that I prescribed?  

Patient: Yes.

Doctor: Then, I am giving some tests here, go to the test room and do these, and I will prescribe a few more medicines after seeing the test result. Now take this paper and go for tests.  

Patient: Thank you, Doctor.

Doctor: You are welcome.

A Dialogue between a Doctor and a Patient: 2

Sania: Doctor, I am feeling very weak and fever.

Doctor: Oh, I see, sit down and how many days are you suffering?  

Sania: It has been for two days.

Doctor: Okay, open your mouth, and let me see your tongue.   (After showing her tongue)

Sania: What should I do doctor?

Doctor: Don’t worry, there is nothing serious. Tell me something more, do you feel a headache?  

Sania: Yes, I feel lots of headaches when I watch TV or sit in front of the computer.

Doctor: You better stop doing these for a few days.  

Sania: Okay, I will.

Doctor: Here I’m prescribing a few medicines, take them properly I hope you will be okay within a couple of days.  

Sania: Should I do anything else?

Doctor: Yeah, stay in bed for the next two days. Don’t bath or go to under the sun, that could increase your fever. Try to eat properly.  

Sania: Thanks, Doctor.

Doctor: You’re welcome.  

Here are two examples of dialogue between a doctor and a patient, I hope you will enjoy these.  

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