A Dialogue between Two Friends about Importance of Physical Exercise

Dialogue between Two Friends about Importance of Physical Exercise
Dialogue between Two Friends about Importance of Physical Exercise

Kamal: Hi, how are you Rishab?
Rishab: I am fine, Kamal. How are you?

Kamal: I am fine too. Where are you going now?
Rishab: I am going to the gym.

Kamal: Oh really? This a so good. When did you join the gym?
Rishab: It has been almost two months.

Kamal: How is your experience there?
Rishab: It is going great. As you know physical exercise is highly important in our regular life.

Kamal: Yeah, you are right. Everyone should do some exercises daily. I am also planning to join a gym.
Rishab: Good decision. Regular exercise will keep you healthy and you can avoid general sicknesses.

Kamal: What do you think, what is the biggest importance of physical exercise?
Rishab: For me, I think to keep the body fit and keep the weight in control is the two biggest factors. There are lots of people who already gained overweight, they must need to do regular physical exercise and on the other hand, lots of people like you and I are in the process to get a lazy body. To skip that and to become more active, we need to focus on physical exercise.

Kamal: I think you are right. Thank you so much for your information.
Rishab: You are welcome Kamal. See you later, I am being late for my exercise.

Kamal: Good luck Rishab. Bye

A Conversation between Two Friends about Importance of Physical Exercise

Tanisha: Good morning Shikha.
Shikha: Good morning Tanisha. How are you?

Tanisha: I am fine, what about you?
Shikha: I am good. So do you come for a morning walk regularly?

Tanisha: Actually no, I have started getting up early in the morning since last week and I am getting pretty good results. I do some physical exercise too.
Shikha: That is very good. You know I am a bit overweight and I need to lose some weight now. Do you have any suggestions for me?

Tanisha: It is not that hard to lose weight that hard we think. Anyone can do that by exercise more and more. There are lots of female gyms in the city. If you want then you can join there. If you want to exercise yourself you can do that too. There are thousands of videos on YouTube about fitness. You can follow these.
Shikha: This is impressive, I never thought like that before. Now I am sure that will work for me. I am going to start today. No more late.

Tanisha: This is very good willpower, keep that up I am sure you will get effective results. You have to get a good food habit too to get the best result.
Shikha: Will I get a food habit guide on YouTube too?

Tanisha: Yes, you will get there. There are some more rules for good health that will help you to learn more.
Shikha: Thank you so much, Tanisha, for your help.

Tanisha: You are welcome. Goodbye for now. See you soon.
Shikha: Goodbye