A Conversation between Teacher and Student on School Dress

A student has not brought his school dress today and that seems his teacher is not happy with him. Here are two dialogues between teacher and student on school dress.

A Dialogue  between Teacher and Student on School Dress
A Dialogue between Teacher and Student on School Dress

A Dialogue between Teacher and Student on School Dress

Teacher: Good morning, Rahul.
Rahul: Good morning, sir.

Teacher: Why have you come to school wearing your normal shirt and pant? Where is your uniform?
Rahul: Sir, my uniform is on laundry, I need to wash it before using. But I can’t miss your class and that’s why I have come with no uniform.

Teacher: This is not right; you should come to school wearing your uniform. It is your identity. There is so much importance to wearing a school uniform. Do you know all these?
Rahul: No sir, can you please share and explain?

Teacher: Yes, of course. First of all, it shows that you are a student at our school. When you are in the class wearing a normal dress that doesn’t mean you are a student here. All of your classmates are wearing a uniform but you are wearing a normal dress, that doesn’t look good. It shows you separate from them. Don’t you feel bad about that?
Rahul: Yes sir, I feel so much awkward and sorry for that.

Teacher: Yes, there are few problems can happen with you when you are going back to your home or coming to school without a uniform.
Rahul: What types of problems, sir?

Teacher: People won’t recognize you as a student at our school outside. That’s not a good thing.
Rahul: Oh yeah, I never thought that before.

Teacher: So can you understand the importance of wearing a school uniform now?
Rahul: Yes sir, I can.

Teacher: Are you going to forget your school dress in future?
Rahul: No sir, I will wear that every day from tomorrow.

Teacher: That’s good. Take your seat.
Rahul: Thank you, sir.

Note: This is a really important conversation for school and college students. Mostly for the high school students.

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