Write a Dialogue between Two Friends on Plastic Pollution

Dialogue between Two Friends on Plastic Pollution
Dialogue between Two Friends on Plastic Pollution

Nisha: Hi, how are you, Meher?
Meher: I am fine. How are you? Why are you looking so worried?

Nisha: I am okay, but I am a bit tensed for our environment.
Meher: Yes, our environment has lots of problems and dangers.

Nisha: Yeah, I have read an article in today’s newspaper about plastic pollution.
Meher: Oh, what have you learned?

Nisha: I learned that plastic pollution is a big threat to the entire environment. It is hampering everywhere in the biodiversity.
Meher: Oh God, I never heard about that before. Can you share with me more?

Nisha: Yes, of course I can.
Meher: Are you talking about the plastics that we are using regularly?

Nisha: Yes. We use plastic bags and most of the food and other stuff are packed by plastics. Do you know what we do with the wastage plastics? We throw them away. It’s a type of material that stays the same for hundreds of years under the soil and spoils the soil’s ability to grow trees and other plants.  
Meher: Oh my god. Then what should we do to prevent this problem?

Nisha: We need to reduce using plastics.
Meher: Is that even possible?

Nisha: Why not? There are lots of countries in the world where plastic is totally banned. Look at Bhutan and few other European countries. They have banned plastic completely.  
Meher: I didn’t know about that. But I think this is a challenging decision to make for a country.

Nisha: Yes it is.
Meher: Then what can we do now?

Nisha: We shouldn’t throw the plastic here and there. We should keep it in the recycle bin. If we keep plastic there then these plastics will go to a place where they will recycle them and release them as new plastic.
Meher: That’s a good idea. This will save the environment.

Nisha: Yes.
Meher: Thank you so much for your information.

Nisha: You are welcome. Take care; see you, bye for now.
Meher: Bye.

A Conversation between Two Friends on Plastic Pollution: 2

Taara: Hi, how are you Tania?
Tania: I am fine Taara, what about you?

Taara: I am good. Have you attended today’s workshop on ‘environmental pollution’?
Tania: Yes, I was there. I saw you there too.

Taara: Yeah. What do you think, what’s the biggest reason behind environmental pollution?
Tania: Maybe plastic pollution is a big reason, but I am not sure about the biggest reason. For me, it’s a huge threat to the environment.

Taara: I agree with you. Do you know what impact we are having in the world, due to too much plastic pollution?
Tania: Yeah, the temperature is being high day by day. The ice is melting and the sea level in going up.

Taara: These are really threatening for the entire world. How can we get rid of this problem?
Tania: We need to stop every type of pollution.

Taara: Do you think it’s possible?
Tania: Yes, it is possible. There are lots of countries in the world they proved that it’s possible to reduce pollution.

Taara: Yeah. I think if we can’t take proper steps then we won’t be able to save the animals and the sea world. A huge number of animals are dying due to plastic and other types of pollution.
Tania: Yeah. We need to make people conscious of this.

Taara: Yeah. Thanks for your good conversation, Tania. See you, by for now.
Tania: Bye, take care.

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