A Dialogue between Two Friends about Importance of Games and Sports

A  Dialogue between Two Friends about Importance of Games and Sports

Rahul: How are you Avi?
Avi: I am fine, what about you?

Rahul: I am fine too. Where are you going?
Avi: I am going to play a cricket match in the school field. You can come with me too.

Rahul: No, I don’t play sports.
Avi: Why? Playing sports are important for us.

Rahul: But how?
Avi: It helps us to grow lots of values such as leadership and teamwork.

Rahul: Can you explain?
Avi: Yes of course. When you play with a team, it will improve your understanding with the team members. That’s how you grow better for teamwork. And when you lead the team, it improves leadership into you.

Rahul: I see. Is there any other benefit of sports and games?
Avi: Yes, there are a lot. It has huge health benefits. We need to do physical exercises regularly. But most of us don’t do that. If we play sports then it works like exercises in our body. It keeps us happy and entertained.

Rahul: I never thought like that before. Can you tell me something more?
Avi: Yes, of course. When we win a match, we get lots of happiness. But when we lose a match we learn a lesson. We learn and understand what our weakness is and we try to improve that in the next game. Our life is like this, when we fail we should learn from this failure. We shouldn’t regret it and become unhappy.

Rahul: That was a very good suggestion from you Avi. I will start playing sports as soon as possible. But I don’t know how to play cricket.
Avi: No problem, come with me I will teach you from the beginning.

Rahul: Oh, it’s so kind of you. Let’s go to the field.
Avi: Yeah, come.