A Dialogue between Two Friends about Picnic

Hey, a few days ago I went to a picnic and today I was talking with my friend Sania about this. Here I am sharing a dialogue between two friends about the picnic. I hope you will love this.

A Dialogue between Two Friends about Picnic
A Dialogue between Two Friends about Picnic

Dialogue between Two Friends about Picnic: 1

Sania: Hi Rita, how are you?
Rita: I am fine, what about you?

Sania: Good, what about your school picnic, did you enjoy it.
Rita: Well, yes, I enjoyed a lot.

Sania: Good to know, where did you guys go?
Rita: We went to the central museum in our city.

Sania: Oh, this is interesting. Actually, I also love to go to the museum. What have you seen there?
Rita: Lots of things are related to our culture and history.

Sania: How much time did you spend there?
Rita: About five hours. We got enough time to see the whole museum. You know it is quite big.

Sania: How many of you where there?
Rita: We were 40 students and five teachers with us.

Sania: How did you go?
Rita: With a bus.

Sania: So that was memorable?
Rita: Yes, it was.  I have learned so many things from that picnic. And I will never forget that day.

Sania: So when did you guys come back?
Rita: At evening at 6 o’clock.

Sania: Nice to know about your picnic, take care, Rita. Goodbye, see you soon.
Rita: You are welcome, you also take care.

Dialogue between Two Friends about Picnic: 2

Recently Sabita has come back from a picnic in Rajasthan, India. Her friend Rima was asking her about the picnic. Here is their full conversation.

Sabita: Hi Rina, how are you?
Rina: I am fine, what about you?

Sabita: Yeah I am very good.
Rina: So you went on a picnic last week?

Sabita: Yes, I went on Rajasthan.
Rina: This is amazing, I love to go Rajasthan. I think this place is really beautiful.

Sabita: Yes, of course. There are so many exciting things to see.
Rina: So, what have you seen there?

Sabita: Mainly, we all have seen a few awesome and interesting forts. You know, Rajasthan is popular for the old day’s forts.
Rina: Oh really? How are the forts?

Sabita: They are really beautiful, so many things to enjoy and learn.
Rina: What have you learned there?

Sabita: I have learned so many things about our ancient history.
Rina: So you really enjoyed your picnic?

Sabita: Yes, I did.
Rina: How many of you were on the picnic?

Sabita: We were about 200 students in 5 different buses.
Rina: Oh, a big team, wasn’t that hard for you?

Sabita: Not actually, because we were divided into five teams and each team had three teachers. So we have enjoyed the whole picnic differently.
Rina: This is really good. So what you want to tell about your picnic now?

Sabita: That was a really memorable and educating tour for me. I will remember this day for a long time.
Rina: Thanks Sabita, for sharing your experience with me.

Sabita: You are welcome Rina, take care, now goodbye.
Rina: Goodbye, you also take care of yourself.

This is a conversion between two friends about a picnic. One friend has just come back from a school picnic, other one was asking to know about that. She was sharing her experience with her. I hope that dialogue will be helpful for you.
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