A Dialogue between Two Friends about Pollution

Here we are providing little dialogue between two friends in the classroom and out of the classroom about pollution. We all need to be aware of this issue.

A Dialogue between Two Friends about Pollution

Sakil: Hi, Tahsan, how are you?

Tahsan: I am fine Sakil, what about you?  

Sakil: Yeah, I am great. Did you join the pollution awareness camp yesterday?

Tahsan: Yes, I was there. That was such an important campaign for all of us.  

Sakil: Yeah it is, I have learned so many new things about pollution. We need to be aware and let people learn the bad side of pollution.

Tahsan: What do you think is the biggest pollution medium?  

Sakil: I think, Air pollution is the worst. Polluted air can make our life risky and face so many types of diseases.

Tahsan: Yeah, you are right and I am agreeing with you. Air pollution is the most dangerous pollution. We need to learn how to keep our air safe. They were talking about this issue yesterday, can you remember it?  

Sakil: Yes, I can remember. They said the motor vehicles are one of the biggest reasons behind this. Because of the black smoke of the engine, the air becomes polluted. Day by day the number of motor engine vehicles is increasing, that’s a clear threat for the next generation.

Tahsan: Yeah, it is. We need to be aware of right now. Otherwise, we have to face some really bad things. But if we want all, we can prevent this. There are lots of countries in the world, who have been able to control air pollution. Especially, China, they don’t use too much motor engine. They love to go there to work with a bicycle. Japan is also following some similar things.  

Sakil: Yeah, we might follow them.

Tahsan: Yes, we should. So where were you going?  

Sakil: I was going to market, see you later.

Tahsan: Take care, goodbye.    

A Dialogue between Two Friends about Pollution 2

Sania and Mohna are two friends; they study together in class nine. Yesterday they have a special class in their school about environmental pollution. It was a part of a campaign against pollution. Here is their conversation about pollution.  

Sania: Hi Mohna, how are you?

Mohna: I am great, what about you dear?  

Sania: Yeah, I am doing well. I loved your speech on water pollution yesterday.

Mohna: Thanks a lot. Actually, we all need to be aware of pollutions.  

Sania: Yeah, we should. What do you think, what is the biggest reason behind water pollution?

Mohna: I think the garbage that people through in the water and the chemical that comes from the mills and industries. They should fix these two things. Then we will be able to control this type of pollution.  

Sania: I agree with you. People are throwing their dust in the canals and rivers and ultimately these things are being unable to use. The water is being poisonous.

Mohna: Yeah, you are right. If we can’t control this now, then we have to face some crucial problems in the future. And our next generation will be on a threat.   Sania: Yeah, at least we need to stop polluting the water for our next generation.

Mohna: Right, if we don’t stop polluting water, we won’t be able to save water.  

Sania: Yeah, saving water is also an important issue. That was nice talking to you Mohna. See you later.

Mohna: It’s me pleasure, take care.

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