Dialogue Between Two Friends about Air Pollution

Samia and Nadia, two friends, are talking about air pollution. In their conversation, they concentrated on the harmful effects of air pollution and how we can save the air. 

Conversation Between Two Friends about Air Pollution

Samia: Hi Nadia, how are you? 

Nadia: I am great, what about you, Samia?

Samia: I am fine too. I have read an article recently about air pollution and I am very worried about the environment now. 

Nadia: Why, what happened? 

Samia: I read that air pollution has been one of the biggest reasons behind so many health problems. And air pollution is going out of control. 

Nadia: Oh yeah, I have read something too on this topic. Do you know how the air gets polluted? 

Samia: Most of the time, it gets polluted due to attendance of too much toxic gases on air. It happens when all the vehicles leave black smoke. The big brick-field mills are also responsible for that. 

Nadia: Yes, you are right. And that’s why we experience most air pollutants in the big industrial areas. 

Samia: Yes and this is one of the biggest problems for the big cities. 

Nadia: How can we come out of these problems? 

Samia: It is very hard because it is not possible to change the system overnight. The government should take proper steps on this. They can take some legal steps against these factories who leave too much black smoke. And they should not permit the old vehicles on the road. And the most effective solution is tree plantation. We need to plant more and more plants. 

Nadia: Yes, that’s right. But people are doing deforestation now. 

Samia: Yeah, deforestation is another threat for us and it’s a major reason behind air pollution. We need to stop it as soon as possible to save our environment

Nadia: You are right. It was nice talking to you, Samia. 

Samia: Same to you, see you later. Take care.

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