Paragraph on Progress of Science for Class 1-10 Students

Progress of Science: Short Paragraph (100 Words) for Class 1, 2, 3

Now, this world is known as a time for science and technology. Our life has been developed a lot due to the blessings of science. It has changed the entire scenario of civilization. Our life has been so much easier than before. If we look back to ancient time then we can see people used to do everything with physical hard work.

But now in this era of modern science, we are covered with the latest technologies these are helping us in every moment. Lots of great invention of science has brought a huge change in the world. We should be thankful to science for its huge contribution to the world.

Progress of Science: Paragraph (120 Words) for Class 4, 5

Science has progressed a lot than before. With lots of amazing inventions, it has made human life easy and simple. There are thousands of examples that someone can provide as the contribution of sciences. Suppose now you’re talking to your friend over the phone.

This mobile phone is a huge invention that has changed lots of things for people to communicate with each other. Now everyone has a phone and anyone can get connected with anyone. That was something amazing and beyond imagination in the ancient time.

But science has made it come true. Not only mobile there are lots of technology devices these have made our life simple. This progress of science won’t stop and they will keep inventing new things for the world. 

Progress of Science: Paragraph (150 Words) for Class 6, 7, 8

Science is a wonderful thing that has changed everything in the world with its touch. Our life has been so much easy and beautiful due to its contribution. We have devices to do almost everything in our regular life. We have a calculator to do simple sums, have a mobile to communicate with anyone, have a computer to study and do work, have a car to go anywhere, have a TV to spend leisure time.

That’s how we’re covered with science.  We can’t deny science. Our life is completely disabled without science. Can you imagine a day without electricity or the internet? I know you can’t. It’s tough to spend an entire day without electricity. We’ve so much relied on science.

Science has not stopped. There are lots of experiments and inventions are going on. People are trying every day to do something greater and amazing. This is the progress of science

Progress of Science: Paragraph (200 Words) for Class 9, 10

Science has developed itself a lot. A lot of things are happening as regular tasks these were beyond imagination a few years back. The wonder of science has changed the entire communication system and it has developed the business opportunity.

Some amazing steps are driverless cars, sending humans on space, and sending spacecraft on Mars. If you want to talk to someone anywhere in the world you can do that with Skype, Messenger, or WhatsApp. The Internet is a huge world with billions of pages of information on every topic.

Whatever you want to know, you can learn it from the internet. Now there are lots of video sharing websites where things are way easier to learn anything.  Another huge invention of science is the computer. It has changed the entire system of education, medical, business, and entertainment.

You can use this device in almost every type of work in your regular life. Students don’t carry books anymore. They just carry a laptop that has all the books they need. Even you can store thousands of books on your laptop without major effort.

In the business, we need to keep accounts clear and the computer is the best tool to keep everything up to date. So science has got huge progress and changed people’s lives.

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