A Dialogue Writing Between Two Friends about Exam

Dialogue Writing Between Two Friends about Exam: 1

Dialogue Between Two Friends about Exam
Dialogue Between Two Friends about Exam

Nasim: Hello Siam, how are you?
Siam: I’m fine, what about you, Nasim?

Nasim: Yeah, good. So are you ready for the upcoming final exam?
Siam: Yes, I am. But I have some problems with my English. I am very much tensed about that subject. Only for this subject, I can’t prepare properly.

Nasim: Oh, sorry to know. But I think you should change your learning method. I have seen, your English learning method is not very good.
Siam: Yeah, I think so. Can you help me a bit about this? I think I can overcome this problem if you help me.

Nasim: Why not? I will help you. You just make some time and come to my house. I hope we will learn and spend some quality time together. By the way, I am also struggling with Mathematics. I hope you will help me solve some problems.
Siam: Yes, of course. My math syllabus is clear. I have a personal notebook that has everything about that subject. That might help you.

Nasim: Oh, thanks Siam, I forgot to tell, I have an English notebook too that I have made. I will give it to you for a week, you can note every important thing from that.
Siam: Oh really? I am glad to know. Actually, I was looking for a good notebook on English. Now I am getting some hope that I will make a better result in English.

Nasim: Of course, you will, because you are a very good learner Siam.
Siam: Thanks, Nasim, hey, I have to go now. I need to go to the market for buying a few home stuff. See you.

Nasim: See you, take care.
Siam: Good bye.

Dialogue Writing Between Two Friends about Exam: 2

Tamim: Hi Sakib, how are you?
Sakib: I am fine, what about you?

Tamim: Yeah fine. What about your preparation for the upcoming annual exam?
Sakib: Pretty good, but I am struggling with Mathematic. But I hope I will be okay before the exam.

Tamim: Oh, that’s sad. Math is a really hard subject. I am also suffering from it. I have a few specific lessons that need to revise again.
Sakib: But you are really good at Math, I hope you will be okay before the exam.

Tamim: I hope so, but you are also good, if you do some hard work, of course, you will be okay before the exam.
Sakib: Yeah, think so. What about English?

Tamim: As you know, I am pretty weak in English 2nd paper, but I am working hard.
Sakib: If you want, I can teach you English, I have completed everything.

Tamim: So nice of you, I will come to your home today afternoon.
Sakib: Okay, then see you there. Take care, bye.

Tamim: Bye, take care.

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