Conversation between Teacher and Student about Science

Here are two examples of dialogues between teacher and student about science. You might learn English practicing these easy conversations.

Conversation between Teacher and Student about Science
Conversation between Teacher and Student about Science

A Dialogue between Teacher and Student about Science: 1

Sam is a student of the science division in his school. He has a huge interest in science and now he is talking about this topic with his science teacher Mr. Mehta. Let’s take a look at this interesting conversation.
Teacher: Good morning, Sam. How are you?
Sam: Good morning, Sir. I am fine. What about you?

Teacher: I am fine. So do you know about modern science?
Sam: Sir as a student of science division, I study a lot about modern science. But I think, I can learn more from you. can we talk about that?

Teacher: Yeah, of course, we can. I think everyone should talk about modern science and its invention.
Sam: Sir, I have a question. What is the biggest invention of modern science?

Teacher: I am sure, the answer is Computer. But different people can answer different things from their own view and perception. But the computer made the biggest impact on human life and I think till now it’s the biggest and the best invention of modern science.
Sam: I agree with you. The computer has changed lots of things.

Teacher: Yeah, especially the entire education system has changed. Now students can study on the internet and they don’t even need a physical tutor. There are lots of websites where you will find free courses.
Sam: What else changes have come to our life due to the invention of the computer?

Teacher: The entire communication system has changed. Now you can get connected with anyone anywhere in the world within a couple of seconds with a Skype or Facebook call. As you can assume, this is huge for us.
Sam: What are the advantages of this?

Teacher: Lots of advantages are there. Mainly I think people can share their cultures and people become diverse. Diversity is important for a good human. Then good communication has built lots of business opportunities. Another interesting thing is the interracial relationships. That’s how the entire world has been so small.
Sam: Yes, this is true. Thank you so much, sir, for this important conversation.

Teacher: You are welcome, Sam. Take care, bye for now.
Sam: Bye, sir.

A Dialogue between Teacher and Student about Science: 2

Rahul is a very passionate boy about science. He loves to learn new things regularly. Here is a beautiful conversation with his teacher.

Teacher: How are you, Rahul?
Rahul: I am good, what about you, Sir?

Teacher: I am fine too. So I have heard you are so much interested to learn about science.
Rahul: Yes sir. I was passionate about science from a very young age. I want to know more and more about modern science.

Teacher: This is very good. I think every student should be like you. So what is the most interesting thing about science, what do you think?
Rahul: Science is inventing new things for making human life easy and simple. That’s what I love most about science. There are thousands of problems and science comes with blessings and a solution.

Teacher: You are right. Science has a huge impact on our life. We are covered with science. Now we can’t decline the importance of science in our life.
Rahul: Sir what are the most valuable inventions of science?

Teacher: To the computer, electricity, and motor engine are three biggest inventions and these three things have changed the entire world and brought lots of revolution in different times.
Rahul: Can you tell me elaborately?

Teacher: Yes. Electricity is the most important thing at this time and you can tell this source of every power. The entire world will be like ancient times if we lose electricity now. And then the computer has changed the education, the business, the medical system everything. It is still going ahead with new programs and components. The motor engine has brought a change in the communication system. Overall these three inventions are important.
Rahul: Oh yeah, I can understand now. Thank you so much, sir, for sharing.

Teacher: You’re welcome. Bye for now. Take care.
Rahul: Bye sir.

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