Dialogue between Two Friends on Choice of Career

A Dialogue between Two Friends on Choice of Career

Tamim and Sahan are studying at a high school. They both are very good in study. Now here is a dialogue between them about the choice of career. Let’s learn what they want to be in the future:

Tamim: Hey Sahan, you are looking so much happy. What’s the matter?

Sahan: Yeah, Tamim, you are right. I am so much happy now. Actually, I was talking with my father about my aim in life. That’s why I am so happy now.  

Tamim: So you were you talking about your choice of career in the future?

Sahan: Yeah, I was.  

Tamim: What’s that?

Sahan: I want to become a doctor. From my childhood, I wanted to become one. I talked with my dad today about it and he has inspired me a lot.  

Tamim: That’s very good. Why do you want to become a doctor?

Sahan: I want to serve the poor people. Actually, I am from a village and I have seen people their lot of people not getting enough treatment and they are dying without medicine and proper treatment. I want to serve people like them.  

Tamim: Your thinking is so much good and I hope you will become a doctor and serve the peoples. Doctors are an asset to a country. We need more and better doctors.

Sahan: Yeah, thanks for your words. So have you any aim or any career choice?  

Tamim: Yeah, I want to become a banker. As you know I am studying commerce and accounting in my favorite subject. I think I am passionate about it.

Sahan: This is a very good and popular profession right now. Good bankers and financial experts are important to keep the economy fine of a country.  

Tamim: Yeah, that’s true.

Sahan: What is your reason behind being a banker?  

Tamim: Actually I was motivated to become a banker when I was reading in class five. I met with a famous book writer, who was a banker in his professional life. I read a lot about him and it inspired me a lot to become a banker. I know being a banker is not easy at all and one needs to work really hard even after being a banker.

Sahan: Yeah, I think you have a pretty good observation about this.  

Tamim: Yeah I have. That was a very good conversation with you Sahan, take care. See you soon, bye.

Sahan: Take care too.  

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