Conversation between Teacher and Student about Maths

Conversation between Teacher and Student about Maths

Nisha has faced some problems with her math subject now she is talking with her teacher about this in the classroom. Here is a dialogue between Nisha and her teacher about math.

Nisha: Good morning sir.

Teacher: Good morning Nisha.  

Nisha: Sir I have some problems in the third chapter of the math.

Teacher: Okay, tell what your problem is. I will try to solve it.  

Nisha: I took the note from Sahana because I was not present in the class when you taught this math. But I didn’t understand anything from her note. It seems too complex to me. What can I do now?

Teacher: So you missed the class, why?  

Nisha: Sir, I went to my village with my father. My grandmother is so sick. We went to meet her. She is in critical condition now.

Teacher: Oh, feeling sad to know. But you should attend all the classes.  

Nisha: I always try my best to attend the class, I never miss it. What can I do now sir? Can you please give me some extra time to solve this math?

Teacher: Yes I can. Meet me in the class break. I will explain that math to you. I hope that will be okay for you.  

Nisha: Thank you so much, sir. It’s my pleasure.

Teacher: You are welcome.  

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